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Managed service

In different aspects of your IT environment, managed services are one of your reliable options from client support to server, networking aspect to security aspect. We can be on behalf of your make your whole IT environment delivering highest service support level to your business.


We categorized this into different packages. What is more, they are all flexible enough that tailor made a managed service to fulfill your enterprise requirements. Info-Pixel offers you a highly reliable level of protection and performance that free your business from the costs and technology risks of development. And with Info-Pixel Managed Service you get a trusted hosting partner who guarantees that your operations are online and performing 24x7x365.



Scope of Support:


  1. Office Support Service

  2. Managed Security Solution

  3. Managed Storage Solution

  4. Monitoring & Report Service

  5. Managed Application Service

  6. Professional Service

  7. Software and Hardware Maintenance Service

  8. Support Service

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